Students at Anderson County High School in Lexington, Kentucky, know their school would be a mess without their favorite janitor Ricky Spaulding. School principal Chris Glass tells CNN affiliate WLEX that Spaulding is “a great guy,” so the school secretly raised money for him to see his family who was stationed overseas. For more information please visit.

If asked who works in schools, a typical answer would be teachers and principals. Still, there are those who work behind the scenes, such as janitors. A high school in Kentucky very much appreciates their janitor and decided to reward the hardworking man for his diligent efforts one day as part of a covert surprise operation.

On June 4, 2014, the students at Anderson County High School in Lawrenceburg had gathered in the gymnasium after class for a pep rally. It seemed like they were there to celebrate the girls’ softball team making it to the state tournament for the first time.

In actuality, the students were about to surprise their favorite school janitor, Ricky Spaulding, who had been working tirelessly for the school.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, Principal Chris Glass told the students and faculty: “Somebody has made a huge mess again in this gymnasium. Oh no. What to do?”


Spaulding was then called in to clean up the mess in the middle of the room. However, he arrived to find a bin filled with cash just for him.

The students had secretly raised a total of $1,900 for him and his wife, who is a secretary in the school, to travel to Italy to see their newborn grandchild. The couple’s son, Jacob, is stationed there with the U.S. Navy.


Spaulding had thought that as a janitor, there is no secret that he wouldn’t know. But he was proved wrong.

“I was shocked,” Spaulding told Trending Now. “And the bad thing about it is, my wife was in on this as well.”

Some students in Kentucky raised $1,900 for their school janitor Ricky Spaulding, so he and his wife could visit their…

Posted by Local 21 CBS News, WHP Harrisburg on Saturday, June 7, 2014

“I was just absolutely speechless,” Spaulding added. “When I think of the generosity of the students and the staff here, just for me, just overflowing with emotion.”

Working so hard for the school, Spaulding definitely deserved the wonderful recognition.