As a deadly wildfire rages in Northern California, the adorable rescue of one four-legged resident has warmed the hearts of concerned onlookers everywhere.

The California Highway Patrol in Redding, near which the Carr fire has killed at least five people and is still growing, released a photo Saturday of a sergeant holding a helpless fawn.

Social media users are “fawning” over a photo of a California Highway Patrol officer and a baby deer that he saved from a raging wildfire.

A California Highway Patrol officer was photographed holding the fawn he helped evacuate from the deadly Carr Fire, which has been burning for days near Redding, in Northern California. In the photo, the fawn appears to thanking Sgt. Fawson with a “kiss.” The deer is sticking her tongue out and gently touching the officer’s cheek. Both CHP San Francisco and CHP Redding shared the sweet photo on social media, and it has provided a moment of good news during an otherwise dark time for Northern California.

The photo has been picked up by several media outlets and has gone viral online. CHP Redding says the fawn is just one month old and will be cared for by a wildlife rescue. When the officer found the baby deer, it was alone and there was no sign of its mother, the Facebook post read.

CHP San Francisco’s post thanked Cal Fire and the other agencies proving aid, saying the are “truly the bravest” for battling the blaze.

The baby deer had been orphaned by the 80,000 acre blaze when CHP San Francisco Sergeant Fawson received a call.

CHP Redding / Facebook


“Sgt Fawson evacuated the deer to safety,” CHP Redding posted to Facebook. “The deer was released to, and will be cared for by a wildlife rescue.”

Photos of the rescue were undeniably adorable and one in particular was too cute to be posted without being called out.

“The fawn even thanked Sgt Fawson with a kiss…” the CHP post read.

The Carr fire most recently claimed the lives of two young children and their great-grandmother when they were taken by surprise by the fast-moving flames at their rural home outside Redding, the AP reports.

For the past week, details surrounding the raging Carr Fire in Northern California have been sobering.

The fire was first reported on July 23, and so far has claimed the lives of six people. Two children lost their lives, along with their great-grandmother when the fast-paced flames engulfed their house.

By July 30, the fire had devastated nearly 100,000 acres, CNN reported.

Fire crews are braving the dangerous heat, trying to contain the massive inferno. Some residents already know their homes have been lost — others are still waiting to find out their fate.

That’s why, in the midst of such sorrow, an orphaned fawn has brought encouragement and hope to communities desperate for a shred of good news.

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On July 28, the California Highway Patrol received a call about a four-legged resident who had been displaced by the wildfire. It was a fawn, approximately just one month old.

California firefighters found the baby deer but did not see the fawn’s mother. According to the CHP, there was no time to wait around for the fawn’s mother — the baby was too close to the flames.

James Roberts, 5, and Emily Roberts, 4, and 70-year-old Melody Bledsoe were unaccounted for since Thursday and declared dead Saturday.

More than a dozen others remain missing, though officials remain hopeful that many of these individuals are alive but unable to make contact with authorities or loved ones.