Instagram video is an amazing tool to get more attention to your posts. Not only will you get likes and comments, but you’ll also get views, a new metric, which will add more power to your account. Making videos is very easy if you follow my simple hack below, and anyone posting images can easily start making video. First, Get Videorama or Videoshop for your mobile device. Second, take your image and remove the text and save as a JPG. Then, add both images into Videorama, where the version without text is first and then the version with text. Lastly, add a fade transition in between them, and maybe some music. Voila! You now have a 10-second video version of your image where the viewer must watch for at least five seconds to get the full message of the image.

You can add up to ten hashtags and a location to your Instagram story. Minimize the sizes of both, so nobody sees it but Instagram still counts them. This little hack will bring you up to 1,000 new viewers for each story, and works best for videos.” — Alex Khan, Germany’s most followed social-media coach.

Instagram story polls are an easy and fun way to increase engagement. People love to vote on just about anything at all, and sometimes the responses surprise you!” — Alisa Meredith, content marketing manager, Tailwind.

When using stories on Instagram, always try to include text, so people can follow the story without the sound on (as that’s how most people view stories). The more people are watching and engaging with your stories, the more likely the Instagram algorithm is to show your posts in the main feed to them.

Match content together that has a common element: topic, composition, element and/or people. An example could be stand-up paddleboarding in the summer and skiing in the winter with the same friend. It doesn’t have to have all the common parts you see here — topic (sport), composition (selfie and lake), people (her and I) — but it does help tie it all together. It’s a good way to use content again or to post something you didn’t originally use but now has relevance with the current photo. It’s a more interesting and relevant way to do a #tbt picture, and more original.

To find really targeted audiences on Instagram, search for hashtags related to your industry. It could be an event or a hobby or an interest. For example, if you’re a local retail clothing store, you could look for regional fashion show events. Find these hashtags, then follow them and like or comment on the posts shared with that hashtag. You show up in those users’ notifications, getting on their radar, and potentially gaining them as a new follower. You can grow steadily and strategically with this method.


Do some actual research into the hashtags you consistently use. Click through to them, explore the top nine posts, browse the most recent uses of the hashtag and (most importantly!) join in on the conversation. As the owner of a company who trains on Facebook advertising, I was recently using #Facebookad on most of my posts. Upon further exploration, I discovered this hashtag was particularly filled with spam. Not something I’d want to rank for! Instead, the hashtags #Facebookpixel or #CustomAudience bring up a more targeted type of user on Instagram, and the quality of the conversations and community was exponentially better. It takes time to filter through and implement, but the results are worth the effort.

Add your custom hashtag to your Instagram story link to have it searchable for users. When users watch your story, they’ll be able to click your custom hashtag (or the hashtag you use) to see other posts using the same hashtag. Using your own custom hashtag to get users to see — and possibly engage with — your other branded content is next-level. Since this is a good way to entice new users to follow your brand on Instagram, be sure you pick stunning visuals for this hack to ensure you’re really putting your best foot forward.