Justice League is one of those films that divided both critics and fans far before it was even released. From the drama surrounding Zack Snyder’s departure to the often ridiculous reshoots helmed by replacement director Joss Whedon, this film had a rough start before it even got its footing.

Once the film was released, audiences were divided even further. Most agreed that the film didn’t live up to the potential of the iconic superhero team, and almost everyone had an opinion as to how it could have been better. One of the more popular theories is that a Snyder director’s cut of the film exists – and fans demanded it.

While the Snyder cut seems to be a pipe dream, the cast of Justice League, especially Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck, are adamant that this is still Snyder’s movie.

Taking a look behind the scenes shows us that Snyder really did have the biggest influence on the film, and though his final cut may have been different, his stamp is definitely on this movie.

We will also get a look into just how much of the Justice League film was based in reality, and how much was computer animation. While a vast majority of Justice League is CGI, our favorite superheroes are still very much real. A lot of expert costuming, stunt work, and set coordination went into the making of DC’s first epic group film.

Let’s take a closer look at what Snyder and the cast went through to deliver Justice League to our screens.