What can you do to your favorite dog pet? Here we give you three useful tips:

Firstly, a dog’s pads contain much fatty tissue that does not freeze as easily as other tissues. It can protect the dog against scuffing, scraping, cutting, and ice damage.

Secondly, dogs get cold, particularly short-haired breeds, senior citizens, puppies, and pets with medical conditions. Look for an insulated sweater with a turtleneck, that covers the belly, and that allows for protection from neck to tip of the tail. But never force a dog to wear clothing if they are truly uncomfortable.

Thirdly, make sure excess hair on the bottoms of a dog’s feet is groomed short – see a professionally qualified groomer for this. Snowballing is a painful condition where snow and ice can actually stick to hair in between a dog’s toes.

While trying to protect your pet, don’t forget to take warm gloves and waterproof protection for yourself 🙂