Floating in the air like a superhero may sound like a lot of fun, but there are many challenges associated with living on the International Space Station where the lack of gravity can make things that are easy to do on Earth harder.

Astronauts have been living for more than a decade aboard the space station and have developed a few tricks that make these everyday tasks easier.

In the video above, expedition 36 astronaut Karen Nyberg of NASA demonstrated how she washes her long blonde hair aboard the space station.

Nyberg, an accomplished woman on her second space mission, holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering, which may lead people to believe she is focused solely on technical matters, but as with many, there’s a softer side to this Midwesterner, one that may catch many by surprise. She grew up the small town of Vining, Minn., about 80 miles southeast of Fargo, N.D., where she was the fifth of six children. There, she grew up learning a lot of practical skills including sewing and drawing.

She took sewing and quilting supplies with her on her six-month-long expedition, and she’s already adorned some of her standard space clothes with hand-stitches patches.

Nyberg also packed a sketchbook and pencils and plans to spend some of her free time drawing her experiences in space, and this is one example of a video that shares a little about her life in space.

“I love to create,” said Nyberg. “I would really like people to see you can have a job like this, which is very technical and still have hobbies that are not.”