Twins fighting is a BIG problem for families with multiples. The day-in-day-out squabbles and spats make parents want to tear their hair out.

The twins are so sweet and obviously love each other but they are biting, pinching, hitting, throwing things at each other.

The relationship between twins and multiples is definitely complicated. On the one hand, they are blessed with built-in buddies. Yet they are also subject to constant comparison and competition. Just as in any relationship, there will be tender, loving moments, and times of dissension and disagreement.

The fighting between multiples can be particularly intense. Multiples tend to spend more time together than traditional siblings; they may share a room, have the same friends, and are usually in the same grade. They may even be in the same classroom. Without a birth order dynamic to establish natural boundaries, they have to work harder to gain privacy and identity.

Watch the video, and see how the funny twin’s reaction while fighting 😉