If you’re keeping animals in confinement, it is important that you provide them with the right kind of environment.

For example, if you decide to raise ducks, you should make sure they have constant access to water. However, this is a concept that not everyone understands.

When a complaint was made against a woman accused of animal hoarding, volunteers came to save them. Once they arrived, they quickly realized things were much worse than anticipated. The team ended up rescuing over a hundred animals, but it was a group of ducks that no one would be able to forget…

These ducks in the video were forced only to walk around on floors full of spilled food and their own foul-smelling fecal matter! They were never exposed to water. That’s right, though they were born to take to the water, these ducks had never gone for a swim in their life, surprised?!

Watch the video and see their reaction when these ducks meet water for their first time 😉