Babies tasting sour lemons for the very first time 😉

Lemon can be a new bitter sensation for your baby, but when is it safe for them?

When your child is able to start solid foods, usually between four and six months of age, he or she is eager to take in the new tastes and textures. As parents, we want to make sure our children are eating the foods that are the most healthy and beneficial to their growth and development.

While fruits and vegetables are an essential part of your baby’s diet, not all of them are particularly safe for your baby to enjoy at a young age. One of these fruits is lemons. While lemons are packed with vitamins and nutrients that are great for your baby’s growth and development, they are also packed with acids. Plus, their sour taste may not be enjoyable to your young baby.

The acids found in citrus foods are known as citric acids. These acids can be very hard on your baby’s digestive system and may result in your child having a rash. If your baby is very sensitive to new foods, it is best to hold off introducing lemons into their diet until after his or her first birthday.