It’s hard to believe that CES is already behind us in the new year, and with it, a slew of new products and technologies that you likely won’t need for yet another year (Alexa! Drones! OLED TVs!).

Okay, so maybe you actually do need an Alexa-enabled device for ordering barrels of cheeseballs and toilet paper automagically.

Yet — for those of us who spend upwards of double-digit hours in front of a screen during the day, the Altwork Station just might be the most useful of the bunch.

Presented at the annual show in Las Vegas last week, the Altwork Station is a $5,900 (hey, it’s a write off) combination La-Z-Boy and a Zero-G desk for reclining comfortably while blazing through those CAD models and simulations.

As for all those fancy peripherals you like to use, magnets embedded in the desk can keep your hardware grounded even when the desk is leaned all the way back to a 72-degree angle.